Custom Steel Fabrication

Carbon steel - Stainless steel - Aluminum - Exotic Metals

At NWMW Inc. we are prepared to respond to a wide variety of custom fabrication requests. Our highly skilled craftsmen are experienced in working stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and a variety of exotic metals. We are accustomed to delivering a quality product on schedule. Our reputation depends on it. Our quality control inspectors and certified welders will insure a high degree of accuracy and specification compliance. "Quality on Time" At NWMW Inc. we are committed to these essential elements and our close attention to minor details are the keys to sustaining our health in the industry.




Our shops are tooled for:

  • Structural Steel (Beams and Columns)

  • Service Platforms (Grating Floor Plate etc.)

  • Ductwork, Breeching, Piping

  • Miscellaneous steel (Stairs, Handrails, Ladders)

  • Conveyors, Special Material Handling Equipment

  • Farm and Industrial Equipment

  • Prototype Development