Intec 510 Water-Jet

  Please download Java(tm). Can water really cut metal? Take a minute to see a video on how this bike was "cut" out of 1/4" aluminum plate.  (Click here to see the video)


In today's market place utilization of technology is essential to remain competitive. The ownership at NWMW is committed to providing the technological resources to sustain our competitive edge. We have recently added a Intec 510 Water-Jet  in effort to better serve or customers.


Features and Capabilities

  1. 5' X 10' Cutting Surface

  2. Capability to cut 6" Thick

  3. Tolerances to .004

  4. Reduced Machine Time

The Intec 510 cutting capability is not limited to carbon and alloy steel products. The 60,000 psi Water-Jet can handle a wide variety of products including but not limited to:

  • Stone and Rock products

  • Plastics

  • Glass and Ceramics

  • Wood

  • Rubber

  • Various synthetic materials